There should only be one reason why any sane individual would want to study for the GMAT – and that is to apply to business school.

The GMAT is a prerequisite for the vast majority of MBA programs; it is the standard of comparison between individuals that come from a variety of educational backgrounds and work experiences. It is a general test designed to challenge an individual’s cognitive ability, specifically to determine an individual’s potential for success in a graduate school setting.

Reasons to pursue an MBA:

  • Accelerated career advancement. An MBA can place you on the fast track and allow you to rapidly climb the corporate ladder within your company.
  • Career change. Without the necessary credentials, changing careers may mean starting over from an entry level position. An MBA will provide additional credentials to help you gain access to top level jobs.
  • Make more money. Average salary from 2009 MBA grads at tier 1 schools was $104K, excluding bonuses, stock options, and tuition reimbursement. Not too bad for only two extra years of school
  • Increased Mobility. An MBA may open new doors and bolster your value in the eyes of the international community. Ever think of traveling the world? Why wait until retirement when you can do it now. An MBA can provide you with this opportunity.
  • Lifestyle Improvement. Perhaps you reached a plateau at your old job. Jump start your career with one of the most recognized degrees in the world.
  • Network with current and future industry leaders. Know that the people you meet are current pioneers in the field; your classmates will become future leaders of the industry. The friendships and connections you make can service you for your lifetime.
  • Entrepreneurial roots. Ever think about launching your own business, but have no idea how to start? Learn from experienced professionals to start the business of your dreams.

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