Anyone interested in applying to an MBA program should take the GMAT. Test takers range from: college undergraduates, mid-level employees with 3-5 years of work experience, to senior level executives with 10+ years of industry experience. The following information is freely available and can be found from the GMAC website

GMAT Test Takers by Age Group


GMAT Test Takers by Gender


GMAT Test Takers by Nationality


GMAT Test Takers by Ethnicity


3 Responses to “Who Takes the Test?”

Hayley Kim says:

They are very interesting. Where did you get these informations?

Paul says:

Hi Hayley,

You can find all of this information and much more at the GMAC website. 🙂

Priya says:

Hi, I have one and half years of working experience. Am I eligible to take GMAT exam? What would be the MBA course duration?

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