A GMAT Study Guide to Transform Your Ordinary GMAT Score Into a Great GMAT Score

How will this help me improve?

  • You begin with a guided score analysis to diagnose your strengths and weaknesses. Discover which subjects you need to focus on the most.
  • Based on your results, review core GMAT content that targets your weak areas and helps you achieve immediate score improvement.
  • Learn problem specific shortcuts and strategies used by the pros, so you know you’re maximizing your problem solving efficiency.

Your study guide helped me improve my score by 80 points! I really didn’t think this improvement would have been possible on my own since I work full time.

– Jasmine Pradeep

What is The GMAT Bootcamp?

The GMAT Bootcamp is a guided GMAT self study program that provides focused preparation. If you have limited time and are looking to quickly improve your GMAT score, these are proven strategies that have worked for people like you.

The program provides an in-depth review of concepts along with problem specific strategies to help you quickly conquer areas of weakness – and get faster and more significant score improvement.

“But I’m just not good at math” or “English isn’t my first language”

That’s the beauty of The GMAT Bootcamp study guide. Even if it has been years since you’ve studied math or if English isn’t your first language — you can still learn how to find the right answers using these highly effective techniques.

Which of these powerful tools can help you improve your GMAT Score?

A thorough review of core GMAT math so you feel confident that you understand the material being tested
Math shortcuts and strategies to help you solve problems quickly and more accurately
A list of different problem solving methods, including descriptions of which methods are best and when to apply them
Walkthrough of how to solve advanced problems – deconstructed into easy steps that anyone can understand
A complete review of English grammar so that you can finally master sentence correction
Diagram techniques to deconstruct arguments and to easily identify logical fallacies
Techniques to increase reading speed without sacrificing comprehension, so you can finally finish the verbal section on time
Timed practice drills to acclimate your timing and to build confidence
Essay templates that have helped non-native English speakers achieve 6’s on the AWA essays
Problem specific shortcuts and strategies used by the pros, so you know you’re maximizing your problem solving efficiency
A list of common careless errors and the strategies to avoid them – this alone is often enough to produce a 20 point score increase

With The GMAT Bootcamp Study Guide, you get access to all of these in 32 detailed chapters guaranteed to produce results for you.


The Advanced Study Guide Program Includes the following extras:

Advanced Tool #1: 179 quick reference GMAT flashcards. Print these out and study for the GMAT anywhere you go. These comprehensive flashcards cover the most important topics on the exam and also list the most common mistakes.

Advanced Tool #2: The GMAT Bootcamp Question Bank. You will never run out of practice problems with this resource. It includes:

  • 1000+ Sentence Correction problems
  • 1000+ Critical Reasoning problems
  • 3000+ Reading Comprehension problems
  • 500+ Data Sufficiency questions
  • 300+ Problem Solving questions

Advanced Tool #3: The Complete List of GMAT Idioms. Your greatest weakness on GMAT verbal. Read through this list to see every idiom that has ever been tested on the GMAT.

Advanced Tool #4: The GMAT Bootcamp Advanced Math Challenge. Think you’re ready for the exam? Tackle ninety eight advanced level 700+ questions. Recommended only for test takers seeking to score in the 90th percentile or higher.

How is this different from other GMAT review programs?

The GMAT Bootcamp program doesn’t teach “process of elimination” and other guessing techniques. We want you to achieve content mastery and feel confident on test day. The program accomplishes this by teaching in-depth problem specific material. This includes addressing the advanced content that many other prep companies ignore.

Unlike other GMAT sites, this isn’t a magic pill that will guarantee effortless results. This program is challenging but proven to be effective. The live workshop is taught in Los Angeles and has helped hundreds of students improve their GMAT score.

You’re learning from the best. The study guide authors have all scored in the top 99th percentile. We’re the only GMAT tutors in the United States that are registered with both the AIGAC and National Tutoring Association. This means we uphold only the highest professional standards in programs and services.

I am really impressed with how much my score has improved in 30 days. The other test prep service I tried really didn’t do much and cost 4 times as much as this study guide did.

N.K. Duom, MBA
Score Before The GMAT Bootcamp Method: 650
Score After The GMAT Bootcamp Method: 720

See how the GMAT program matches up against other top prep companies.

Study Guide Comparison Chart

The GMAT Bootcamp Kaplan Manhattan GMAT
Price $29.95 $56.47 $280
Practice 6000+ 3400+ 1450
Exams 8 5 6
Advanced Strategies
Yes no yes
Access and Support Unlimited 6 Months none
Delivery Instant 5-7 Days 5-7 Days
Guarantee 30 Day Money Back Guarantee none none

Free Bonuses Included!

Order by today and receive the following exclusive bonuses:

Bonus #1: The GMAT Bootcamp Error log ($7 Value). This pre-done spreadsheet gives you a powerful analysis tool to trend mistakes and track weaknesses. This worksheet even has a built in timer function to simulate test conditions. Just press start and begin entering your answers as practice. This worksheet automatically trends your weaknesses and mistakes — instantly!

Bonus #2: The GMAT Bootcamp Progress tracker ($5 Value). This worksheet allows you to track your GMAT progress to ensure that your skills improve during the program. Track your improvement daily using this clean visual indicator.

Bonus #3: 5 page study on timing strategies for the exam ($18 Value). We don’t usually teach guessing techniques, but due to high demand, we’ve consulted with other test experts to devise optimized strategies for worst case scenarios. Find out what to do in sticky situations like if you’re running out of time on the exam

Together these exclusive bonuses add up to a $30 Value, but are yours absolutely free if you order by today


30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that our program will help you improve your GMAT score that we offer an unconditional, no hassle, 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

If you aren’t completely satisfied simply send off a quick email to our support team and we will happily refund your money.

There is absolutely no risk whatsoever on your part. You can try out the GMAT Bootcamp Study Guide for 30 days while you see if it works for you or not. If you don’t see any improvement in your GMAT score after 30 days then you get your money back. No questions asked.


Want to see what it looks like inside? Take a peek below:

See what everyone else is saying:

Because of this study guide, I was able to improve my score by 50 points. Just wanted to say thanks…you have no idea how much you are helping us out.

-Mary Schickel, UCLA Anderson 2009

I really like the style of the study guide. It’s concise and provides clear examples. I only wish I had found it sooner since I’m taking the test in two weeks. Thanks guys for sharing this information

-Chis A. Oestereich, MBA
President, St. Louis Metro PMI

Because I’m not a native English speaker, I had a lot of problems especially with GMAT English. But after getting this book, I felt that the English part became much easier! The math review is also very helpful. If you are a foreign GMAT taker, this book will help you a lot. I recommend this book to any foreigners who have over 80 toefl score.

-Youngji Kim, Sungkyunkwan University, 2011

I just took the test and got a 710! I’ve gone through both Kaplan and Princeton Review and neither of those [study guides] came close to covering the material as in depth as you guys did.

-Stuart Huang, Financial Analyst at HSBC Bank

I just purchased the study guide and have started reading [it]. And it has already been helpful. It’s been a long time since i’ve had to do math, and I really appreciate how you breakdown specific types of problems.

-Paulette Hernandez, Human Resources at Rio Tinto Alcan

Thank you for teaching me the ways of the GMAT warrior! I actually only had about 3 weeks to get prepared and one of my friends recommended this study guide. The schedule is nuts, but I hit my target score and got a 700! So no complaints here! I’ll definitely recommend you to any other test takers.

-Ryan Min, Analyst at Blackstone Capitol

Your study guide and error log made a HUGE difference on my GMAT score. I was scoring in the 700 range on my practice exams, but when I took the actual exam I only scored a 620. Needless to say, I was devastated. However, I found your site and started using the error log. I started seeing fewer mistakes immediately! After two weeks, my confidence was back and I was getting higher scores than ever before.

-Andy Chen

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