So what exactly happens within the day you determine to pursue MBA and that you are sick and tired of your meaningless job along with your mundane, boring routine of awakening up at 6am, showering, brushing (hopefully), commuting, checking countless, never-ending emails, then returning home to those idiotic tivo’d that exhibits you to think that it will make you laugh, but really not, only to make it happen again in 8 hours? Well, that is a very good question that my buddies and I will try to answer just exactly how your life will change and what you are able to expect…(deep breaths).

So, the lifecycle starts similar to this, err, well it’s really different for everybody. We have processed and finalized all our applications to the schools that any of us think we have a shot at (which by the way is so arbitrary because the admissions committees at all of the best schools are far too subjective for their own good; they’re can’t differentiate a grape and an elephant, or perhaps a turtle and a hare, a number of them just don’t obtain it. What I am saying is don’t be disappointed if you don’t get into one of your target schools, inspite of your “seamless” credentials, it is far more subjective than we will be able to realize). Now, that we have applied, we wait! While we wait, there are some things that we should remember that are fairly standard, no matter what school we end up going to….”is it a boy?!?”

First, there comes a point we must tell our bosses, supervisors and staff that we are leaving the company. Tears,yes, and much more tears, but that is reality. However you decide to cut the cord, it is respectful to give your company a proper heads up that you are leaving, a company that is paid that hard earned a salary. You owe it towards your company, and your superiors, to provide them ample period of time to interview and hire someone else to replace you. Honestly, it isn’t bad as it seems, and in fact, people are happy and glad for you that you are sane enough to realize and arrive to the decision that you don’t want to work with your company through out your days. Sure, you might not get the $100 Olive Garden gift certificate that you will probably receive for your 25 hard years of work, but don’t worry about it, once you leave business school, you’ll be sick of free lunches (and if you don’t realize this yet, you don’t belong in business school, as there is no such thing as free lunch!) You will be surprised how easy this day is and relieved you will feel whenever you tell everyone this news. Don’t fear the reaper, you might be replaceable after all, let’s get over this thought that we aren’t! The main point here, tell your boss and supervisor that you’re planning to go to a business school. Don’t burn bridges and don’t bite the hand that feeds you, even if it’s not for much longer.

Odds are, unless you are going to the Medieval State University School of Business, you will need a laptop for your next two years of higher education. Trust me, you will require it for all of the pictures, downloaded music, and surfing the web while sitting in a boring accounting class, if nothing else. Finances for a computer, and my advice is to network with your soon-to-be classmates (through class distribution lists, etc) to see if anyone has a discount with a regarded computer company (Dell or Lenovo are popular). Plan ahead, because you don’t want to arrive on campus, simply to hear that there was a problem together with your order that you placed 11 weeks ago. You will get behind immediately and you will be generally known as “that person without a computer, what a jerk, who doesn’t have a computer!?!” Also, sorry Mac lovers, Macs usually are not used in the business world, I would advise against getting a Mac.

Additionally, it is also a great time to start out thinking who you will be living in business school. If you have a significant other, then that is probably already decided, unless you want to be sleeping on the couch the night you have that conversation…and for the foreseeable future. It might be a good try to meet people out from your current city (if you reside in a big city, like NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc) to know if you are suitable with anyone there that you’ll be going to school with. It is much easier to meet someone BEFORE you transfer in with them, the last thing you desire is an incompatible roommate, one which will be throwing beer cans against the wall at 5 in the morning, 6 nights a week. Some people might think this is an excellent thing, but we are now acquiring a “professional” degree, let’s not forget about that.

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