The Sentence Correction section challenges a test taker’s knowledge of English grammar, usage, and style. Sentence correction items consist of a sentence, where all or part of has been underlined. It is followed by five associated answer choices. The first answer choice is exactly the same as the underlined portion of the original sentence. The remaining four answer choices contain different phrasings of the underlined portion of the sentence. The test taker is instructed to choose the best of the answer choices, selecting the first option if the sentence is best left in its original form. One best practice is to neglect reading the first answer option altogether, since it has been read as part of the original problem statement. Sentence Correction questions are designed to measure a test taker’s proficiency in three areas: correct expression, effective expression, and proper diction. Correct expression refers to the grammar and structure of the sentence. Effective Expression refers to the clarity and concision used to express the idea. Proper Diction refers to the suitability and accuracy of the chosen words in reference to the dictionary meaning of the words and the context in which the words are presented.

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