I received a fascinating immediate message from a fellow Twitterer this morning. This MBA applicant writes:

do MBA programs work out in any ways about $ packages? I’d prefer to visit School A but School B offered me a pretty good merit scholarship.*

*I replaced with School A and School B in the real names.

Yes and no. It’s not really much a matter of negotiation as information. If you go to School A and perhaps with a hint of hubris, try to “negotiate” a guide package, you might be irritated. And irritation doesn’t usually lead generosity.

However, if you notify School A of your dilemma together with humility, ask them to assist you solve this challenge, namely that you truly prefer School A but School B has been offering a generous scholarship, and you are simply a human being asking for help.

You’re also demonstrating individuals’ skills and grace that make you an even more attractive candidate. Furthermore you are giving them an opportunity to match School B, verify an acceptance, and maintain their yield numbers.

It does not work 100% of the time, but this could be an effective method to a delightful dilemma.

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