When the integer n is divided by 6, the remainder is 3, Which of the following is NOT a multiple of 6?

(A) n – 3
(B) n + 3
(C) 2n
(D) 3n
(E) 4n

Highlight to see answer: <span style=”color: #ffffff;”>D</span>

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Jas Lamba says:

When integer N is divided by 6 the remainder is 3, thus since we are dealing with simple numbers we can choose a value for N. I choose N=9. This number adheres to the parameters of the question. Now, the question asks which is NOT a multiple of 6, so we are looking for a number that when is multiplied by N it will yield a non multiple of 6. To test it out, plugin N=9 for the answer choices.
(A) N- 3 = 9-3= 6 6 is a multiple of 6

(B) N+3 = 9+3 = 12 12 is a multiple of 6

(C) 2N = 2*9 = 18 18 is a multiple of 6

(D) 3N = 3*9 = 27 27 is NOT a multiple of 6

(E) 4N = 4*9 = 36 36 is a multiple of 6.

I am sure there is a way to solve this algebraically but I this just seems more intuitive to me.
Hope it helps.

Sudhanshu says:

The answer is (b) , as per the information given.

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