The GMAT score includes a percentile ranking that compares your score with all other GMAT scores from the previous three years. GMAT scores are valid for up to five years.

For example, a quant score of 49 and a verbal score of 40 may total to a cumulative score of 720. The 49 in quant translates to the 87th percentile. This means that you scored higher than 87% of the people that took the GMAT within the past three years. A verbal score of 40 is in the 89th percentile. A 40 in verbal means you scored higher than 89% of the people that took the exam within the past three years. The combined score of 720 in this example is in the 94th percentile. This means that your cumulative performance in quant and verbal is better than 94% of test takers within the past three years.

A complete breakdown of scores and their percentile rankings is as follow:
(The information provided is courtesy of the official Graduate Admissions Council)


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