progressTrack your GMAT progress to ensure that your skills are continuing to advance. This is part of the GMAT Bootcamp study system to ensure that you maximize your study efforts.

The tracking log is designed for use with the official GMAT Bootcamp Study Guide.

Download the GMAT Progress Tracker for FREE: GMAT Progress Tracker

How to Use the GMAT Progress Tracker:

  • Enter your official study start date
    • This should be the date you take your first diagnostic test
  • Begin the GMAT Bootcamp Study Guide series
  • Record percent correct on the progress tracker as you advance through the series
  • You will be solving problems in multiple sections daily as you move forward
    • Track your progress daily
    • If your percentage rates begin to plateau or even regress refer to your error log to detect mistakes made
  • Review necessary concepts / devise strategy to overcome errors.

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