Using Practice CATS (Computer Adaptive Tests) in the Official GMAT format is important to learn test conditions and to gauge your study performance. In The GMAT Bootcamp study program, we recommend only using the official practice software distributed from GMAC.

However for those of you that would like supplemental practice, here is a list of quality GMAT Practice Exams that can be used for free. These practice exams are the best available, and they are all meant to be taken on the computer, just like the real exam. Click on the practice test of your choice below for more information.

Just remember – a good GMAT score isn’t based on how many tests you take, but how well you’ve mastered the fundamentals. Get a good GMAT Book before rushing into tests.

1. GMAT Prep

The absolute best and most realistic GMAT prep software. This is the only program that contains real GMAT questions. Since this program is from the makers of the GMAT, test format is identical to the actual exam given today. 2 free tests contained in the program, but software can be used to take tests multiple times. Without doubt, the best predictor of final GMAT score.

2. Manhattan GMAT

Manhattan GMAT does a really great job on their test. Quant questions may be a bit tougher than on the actual exam, but scoring algorithm is a great predictor of performance on the actual exam. 1 free exam only.

3. Kaplan GMAT

Kaplan is a solid test preparation brand and the tests live up to their name. Don’t be too disappointed in low scores though, they are heavily geared to be on the low end. 1 free exam.

4. Princeton Review

Princeton review is another solid test preparation brand that has been in the market for a long time. The quant section in their exams is slightly easier than the actual GMAT, but this is a great test for practice if you just starting out and targeting the 600 to 700 score range. 1 free exam.

5. 800score

The quant section is challenging, while the verbal section is slightly easier than questions on the actual exam. Don’t be surprised if you see a low quant score, and do not rely on high results from verbal as an indicator of significant improvement. The test still needs to be revised since spelling errors and missing information occur in the test questions. Nevertheless, this can be a useful preparation tool in addition to other CATs. 1 free exam.

6. Knewton

Questions are representative of the real exam, but this exam is also geared towards people looking to score in the 600-700 range. Questions may be slightly easier than seen on the actual exam. 1 free exam.

7. Veritas

One free exam.  If you have a review of the free Veritas CAT exam please share your opinion and contact us.