Less than 50 percent of a certain tropical country’s wildlands remains intact. Efforts are under way to restore biological diversity in that country by restoring some destroyed wild habitats and extending some relatively intact portions of forests. However, opponents argue that these efforts are not needed because there is still plenty of wildland left.

Which of the following, if true, most significantly weakens the argument of the opponents of conservation efforts?

  1. As much, if not more, effort is required to restore a wild habitat as to preserve an intact habitat.
  2. The opponents of restoration efforts are, for the most part, members of the wealthier classes in their own villages and cities.
  3. Existing conservation laws have been very effective in preserving biological diversity within the wildlands that remain intact.
  4. For many tropical species native to that country, the tropical wildlands that are still relatively intact do not provide appropriate habitats for reproduction.
  5. If a suitable population of plants and animals is introduced and is permitted to disperse and grow, tropical habitats can most certainly be restored.

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