In 1985 in the country of Alissia, farmers brought to market a broccoli crop that was one-and-a-half times as large as the 1985 broccoli crop in its neighbor country, Barbera. Yet total quantities of broccoli available for sale to consumers in Alissia were smaller than were total quantities in Barbera in 1985.

Which of the following, if true, in 1985, contributes most to an explanation of why there was less broccoli available for sale to consumers in Alissia than in Barbera?

  1. Barbera’s farmers produced much more cabbage than did Alissia’s farmers.
  2. Barbera’s farmers produced fewer heads of broccoli per acre than did Alissia’s farmers.
  3. Alissia exported a much higher proportion of its broccoli crop than did Barbera.
  4. Broccoli was much more popular among consumers in Alissia than in Barbera.
  5. Alissia had more land suitable for growing broccoli than did Barbera.

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