Based on a recent GMAC press release, MBA employers predict an upswing in company hiring for current MBA graduates this coming year.

While the business climate of 2009 brought cut backs in MBA hiring, the GMAC poll, conducted in November 2009 and including feedback from 317 recruiters at 287 companies, signifies that many employers work toward increasing MBA hiring in 2010. (45%, however, anticipate to hire roughly the equivalent recent grads this season as last, and 20% expect to hire less.)

Dave Wilson, president and CEO of GMAC, explains that employers are optimistic, despite the current economy:

Although economy stays challenging, the hiring environment for business school graduates is showing clear signs of improvement. As employers look for ways to bolster their ranks with talented new employees, the quality of management education is shining through.

While optimism is high-both for future job market for recent MBA graduates and for the worth of graduating management degrees in general-the employers who propose a greater hiring plan have not etched their plans in stone. Nothing will be established until the 2010 economic climate is further established; and once a hiring plan is put into place, there’s no indication that salary levels will improve along with the hiring upswing.

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