The error log is the best tool for tracking mistakes and trending weaknesses on the GMAT. It is an absolutely essential tool for score improvement and should be used for every practice problem attempted. The version available for free download has a built in timer to simulate test conditions. Take full advantage of this tool and use it with a good study guide.

Download the Error Log for FREE: GMAT Error Log

How to Use the Error Log:

  • Create a folder titled “Error Log”
  • Open the error log excel document “TestGride4GMAT” and select “enable macros”
  • Go to File -> save as -> give the file a unique name (we’ll be using these files to look for patterns of mistakes and to trend weak areas) and save the new file in the error log folder created
    • Eg. If you plan some sentence correction practice, using the Official Guide 12th edition, the file name might be: “OG_SC_#1-10″
  • Once you are ready to begin practice, hit the start button
  • Select the appropriate category: A, B, C, D, or E to input your answer.
  • If you are unsure of an answer or feel like you are taking an excessive amount of time to solve the question, select the “slow” or “not sure” box.
  • Hit the stop button when you are finished
  • This is the important part. Once you are done with your practice set, review your answers carefully. Mark which answers are correct and incorrect.
  • For your incorrect answers, select whether this was a careless error or a concept error.
  • In the notes column, write down the careless error or concept error made.
    • Eg. Read the problem too fast, did not line up decimal points, multiplication error, etc.
    • Eg. Pronoun reference error, such as vs like, permutation etc
  • After you have completed this process, record your percentage score on the progress tracker sheet.
  • Review your error logs once a week. Identify repeated mistakes and weaknesses. If you find that you are making the same careless error repeatedly, devise a strategy to overcome this. If you are making the same concept errors, review the concept in depth using your GMAT study guide.

The ultimate goal of the error log is to prevent you from making the same mistake twice. This is a best practice method for score improvement.

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