International students should avoid applying in the last round. There are some key standards that needs to be considered for international student applicants:

Student Visas

This method can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to few months, applying in one of the earlier rounds and applying for your student visa at the same as submitting your application will reduce the stress and anxiety of supervising this procedure as soon as you received an offer of admission.


Upon accepting an offer of admission, international students must present proof of adequate funds to accomplish the MBA program.

The earlier you apply, the greater time you will need to secure and provide proof of funding, whether through job,finance, family means or other avenues.

In addition, scholarship or grant offers are usually distributed at the same time as admissions offers, so more award funding can be acquired the earlier you apply.

Cultural Acclimation

The adjustment to a different culture and way of life can be quite a shock. International students are advised to arrive at their new school a few weeks ahead of the first day of the program to give themselves time to adjust.

Applying in a later application round may rush your travel and accommodation plans and leave you with little time to negotiate in and adjust ahead of the strength of the MBA program begins.

Wait List

Probably, seats on the program may fill up before the final application deadline. If you end up wait-listed, there is no way of understanding how long it will take before you have a definitive admissions decision.

Working out in managing the funds, visas, international travel and accommodations with only several weeks, or perhaps a couple of days notice, is really a nerve-racking challenge that may be avoided.

Planning is the key to a smooth application process no matter where you are applying,yet, the logistics tend to be even more crucial for international pupils.

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